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Urocystis anemones-narcissiflorae

Urocystis anemones-narcissiflorae Vánky, 2011

on Anemonastrum


lead-grey pustules or blisters on leaves and stems, eventually bursting open, releasing a black mass of spores.



Anemonastrum narcissiflorum.


Klenke & Scholler report a smut on A. narcissiflorum that could be attributed either to Urocystis carcinodes, or the north-american U. anemones-nqrcissiflorae. Because carcinodes is known only from Actaea, that is an unlikely option. It is not stated whether the observation was done in a garden or in the natural, high-alpine, habitat of the plant.


Klenke & Scholler (2015a), Vánky (2011a).

Last modified 16.vii.2018