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Urocystis miyabeana

Urocystis miyabeana Togashi & Onuma, 1930

Fungi, Urocystidaceae

on Polygonatum


striae on the leaves, sometimes coalescing into low pustular areas, changing from dark green over lead-colour to brown; upon rupturing a black, granular mass of spore balls is released. Spore balls consist of 1-3 spores, covered by a more or less continuous layer of sterile cells.


Asparagaceae, monophagous

Polygonatum hirtum, multiflorum, odoratum, verticillatum.


? Urocystis polygonati (Lavrov) Zundel, 1953. Vánky considers miyabeana and polygonati synonymous, and miyabeana the valid name, but the Index Fungorum (2014) takes both a separate species.


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