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leafminers, galls and fungi

Urocystis violae

Urocystis violae (Sowerby) Fischer von Waldheim, 1867

on Viola

Urocystis violae gall on Viola spec.

Viola spec., Albanië, prov. Shkodër, Theth, vii.2017 © Cor Zonneveld


the petioles, also other parts of the plant, disfigured by up to several cm long blisters that contain a blackish-brown mass of spore balls. The spore balls consist of 3-20 spores, wrapped in a continuous layer of yellowish sterile cells.

host plants

Violaceae, monophagous

Viola alba, alba x hirta, ambigua, biflora, canina, collina, cornuta, elatior x pumila, hirta, hirta x suavis, lutea, mirabilis, odorata, pumila, reichenbachiana, riviniana, stagnina, suavis.


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