Anthracoidea karii (Liro) Nannfeldt, 1977

on Carex


the contents of the ultimately rupturing utriculi is transformed into a hard, black body, 1-2 mm in size consisting of agglutinated spores; initially it is covered by a silvery membrane, that later flakes off. The spores are 13-22 µm long, their wall is very finely verruculose.


Cyperaceae, monophagous

Carex brunnescens, canescens, davalliana, dioica, disperma, echinata, glareosa, heleonastes, lachenalii, lapponica, loliacea, maritima, parallela, tenuiflora, ursina.

Mainly brunnescens, dioica, echinata, lachenalii, parallela.


Cintractia karii Liro, 1934.


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