Farysia thuemenii (Fischer von Waldheim) Nannfeldt, 1959

on Carex

Farysia thuemenii on Carex riparia

Carex riparia, Belgium, prov. Namur, Couvin, Brûly, 28.vii.2018 @ Sébastien Carbonelle

Farysia thuemenii on Carex riparia



In the, ultimately rupturing, swollen utricle an olive-brown mass of spores is formed. Characteristically, the mass of spores is traversed by bundles of hyphae, that, after the spores have been blown away, are left behind as a small brush.

host plants

Cyperaceae, narrowly monophagous

Carex melanostachya, paniculata, pendula, pseudocyperus, riparia, vesicaria.

Tomasi (2014a) additionally cites C. umbrosa.


Farysia caricis (de Candolle) Liro, 1935; F. olivacea (de Candolle) Sydow & Sydow, 1920.


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