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Sporisorium destruens

Sporisorium destruens (Schlehtendal) Vánky, 1985

on Panicum


The inflorescence has turned into an oval or fusiform smut gall, initially still wrapped in a leaf sheath but later flying off a mass of blackish brown spores.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Panicum capillare, miliaceum.

Buhr, with some hesitation, also refers to Echinochloa crus-galli; this is not repeated by later authors.


Anthracocystis destriens Brefeld, 1912; Sphacelotheca destruens (Schlechtendal) Stevenson & Johnson, 1944; Sorosporium panici-miliacei (Persoon) Takahashi, 1902.


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