Ustilago avenae (Persoon) Rostrup, 1890

loose smut of oats

on Arrhenatherum

Ustilago avenae

Arrhenatherum elatius, Nieuwendam

Ustilago avenae


Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatius

galled spikelet

Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatius

same plant, somewhat less than a year later (the fungus is systemic): earlier stage of the infestation

Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatior

Arrhenatherum elatius, Nieuwendam; whether the reduction of the awns is connected with the infection is not clear

Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatius

all ovaries are black and swollen

Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatius

the fungus erupts through the glumes

Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatius

seen from the side

Ustilago avenae on Arrhenatherum elatius

ten days later; the glumes are intact, within them the destruction is complete

Ustilago avenae: spores



The fungus primarily affects the ovaries, to a lesser degrees also the other parts of the spikelet. Spores c. 6 µm, olive brown when ripe; then also one can see that the spores are lighter at one side; wall spinulose. The infection begins at the seedlings.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Aegilops cylindrica, triuncialis; Arrhenatherum elatius; Avena barbata, fatua, nuda, sativa, sterilis & subsp. ludoviciana, strigosa; Dasypyrum villosum; Hordeum, murinum, vulgare & ? subsp. distichon.


Ustilago arrhenatheri Schellenberg, 1915; U. decipiens (Wallroth) Liro, 1924; U. levis (Kellerman & Swingle) Magnus; U. nigra Tapke, 1932; U. rostrupii Kutinen, 1922; U. segetum var. avenae (Persoon) Brunaud, 1878; U. aegiliopsidis Picbauer, 1932.


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