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Ustilago tritici

Ustilago tritici (Persoon) Rostrup, 1890

loose smut of wheat

on Triticum


The entire ears is dusted black with smut spores, the seeds are totally destroyed. The sori are naked from the moment they are recognisable. De spores are unitary, brown, 5-7 x 6-9 µm; their wall is densely verrucose.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Aegilops cylindrica, geniculata, kotschyi, neglecta, triuncialis; Secale cereale, sylvestre; Triticum aestivum & subsp. spelta, monococcum, turgidum & subsp. dicoccon + durum + polonicum.


Ustilago vavilovi Jaczewski, 1925.


worldwide pest in wheat cultivation “loose smut” (Wilcoxson & Saari)


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