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Physoderma trifolii

Physoderma trifolii (Passerini) Karling, 1950

on Trifolium


0.5-1 mm large, hyaline pustules in numbers on the leaves and on the disfigured petioles and stems.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous

Trifolium hybridum, incarnatum, montanum, pratense, repens, resupinatum, subterraneum.


Both Brandenburger and Klenke & Scholler discuss, as two separate species: Physoderma trifolii (Passerini) en Olpidium trifolii Schröter. However, the Index Fungorum (2015) treats Olpidium trifolii (Passerini) Schröter, 1886as an invalid synonym of Physoderma trifolii.


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