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Synchytrium fulgens

Synchytrium fulgens Schröter, 1873

on Clarkia, Oenothera

Syncytrium fulgens

Oenothera laciniata (from Kirschner): a single pustule, surrounded by swollen cells, each one containing a red sporangium


tiny pustules, consisting of a few enlarged cells only, often in large numbers on basal leaves. They consist of a single infected cell, surrounded by a 1-3 layers of not infected, yet swollen and discoloured cells. During summer the galls are yellow-orange to lavender, in autumn, when resting sporangia are formed, they are lavender-red to reddish brown.

host plants

Onagraceae, oligophagous

Clarkia; Oenothera biennis, laciniata.


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