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Phyllosticta paviae

Phyllosticta paviae Desmazières, 1847

on Aesculus

Phyllosticta paviae on Aesculus hippocastanum

Aesculus hippocastanum, Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, 15.viii.2018 © László Érsek

Phyllosticta paviae on Aesculus hippocastanum

leaf spot, detail

Phyllosticta paviae: pycnidia on Aesculus hippocastanum

numerous pycnidia

Phyllosticta paviae (Guignardia aesculi) on Aesculus hippocastanum

Aesculus hippocastanum, Engeland, SW Yorkshire, VC 63 © Malcolm Storey, bioImages


During all summer numerous pycnidia are present as small, black, epiphyllous dots; the conidia that are formed there disperse the infestation further. During the winter perithecia develop in the fallen leaves; ascospores are formed there.

host plants

Sapindaceae, monophagous

Aesculus × carnea, flava, hippocastanum, × neglecta, parviflora, pavia, turbinata.


Asteromella aesculicola (Saccardo) Petrak, 1956; Guignardia aesculi (Peck) Stewart, 1916; Phyllosticta sphaeropsoidea (Ellis & Everhart) Petrak, 1956.


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