Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Pseudocercospora portilloi

Pseudocercospora portilloi (Unamuno) Braun & Crous, 2003

on Blackstonia

Pseudocercospora portilloi: colony, etc.

Blackstonia perfoliata, from Unamuno (1941a): infected leaf (left), colony, conidia (stronger magnification, right).


colonies amphigenous, numerous, quickly killing the leaf; conidia on a simple stalk, 3-6 celled, 5-6 x 47-118 ┬Ám.

host plants

Gentiananaceae, monophagous

Blackstonia perfoliata.


Cercospora portilloi Unamuno, 1941.


Brandenburger (1985a: 493), Unamuno (1941a, 1943a).

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