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Ramularia abscondita

Ramularia abscondita (Fautrey & Lambotte) Braun, 1988

on Arctium

Ramularia abscondita on Arctium lappa

Arctium lappa, Belgium, prov. Flemish Brabant, Haacht, Haachts Broek © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Ramularia abscondita on Arctium lappa

underside of an infected leaf

Ramularia abscondita on Arctium lappa


Ramularia abscondita: conidiophores

colony with conidiophores


Conidiophores in bundles, 10-30 µm long; conidia in chains, 2-5 x 5-20 µm, generally aseptate.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Arctium lappa, minus, nemorosum, palladinii, tomentosum.


Ramularia filiaris var. lappae Bresadola, 1896; Ramularia lappae (Bresadola) Ferraris, 1913.


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