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Ramularia liliicola

Ramularia liliicola Ale-Agha, Braun & Feige, 2005

on Lilium

Ramularia lillicola: conidiophores

conidiophore fascicle (from Ale-Agha ao)


Ultimately up to 3 mm large, greyish brown lead spots. Caespituli amphigenous. Conidiophores often on a stroma, on more of less sizable fascicles, up to 60 µm. Conidia 2-4 x 6-22 µm, 0-1 septate, usually verruculose.

host plants

Liliaceae, monophagous

Lilium candidum, martagon.


Ale-Agha, Braun & Feige (2005a).

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