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Ramularia septata

Ramularia septata (Bonorden) Bubák, 1916

on Galanthus<, etc./h2>

Ramularia septata: leaf spot

Galanthus nivalis, Belgium, prov. East Flanders, Stekene, Steengelaag, 15.iv.2018 © Bernard Declercq

Ramularia septata: conidia



Greyish yellow leaf spots, generally extending from the leaf tip. Conidia in chains, cylindrical, 3-5 x 20-40 µm, 1-3-septate.

host plants

Amaryllidaceae, oligophagous

Galanthus elwesii, nivalis, plicatus; Pancratium illyricum.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2020).


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