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Erysiphe baeumleri

Erysiphe baeumleri (Magnus) Braun & Takamatsu, 2000

on Vicia


mycelium amphigenous, white. Appressoria lobed, mostly solitary. Conidia formed solitary, elliptic, without fibrosin bodies. Foot cell of the conidiophore generally straight, 15-35 µm. Cleistothecia 80-130 µm with 4-12 asci, that contain 3-5 spores. Appendages 6-22, equatorial, 3-6 x the diameter; they are not mycelioid, flaccid, unbranched, hyaline or brown only near the base, aseptate or with 1-2 basal septa; most apices unbranched, a minority with the apices one or more times untidily branched.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous

Vicia cassubica, cracca, dumetorum, hirsuta, sativa & subsp. nigra, sepium, sylvatica, tetrasperma, villosa.


Microsphaera baeumleri Magnus, 1899.


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