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leafminers, galls and fungi

Erysiphe eschscholziae

Erysiphe eschscholziae Pastirčáková & Jankovics, 2016

on Eschscholzia


Appressoria lobate to multilobate, rarely nipple-shaped; conidiophores solitary, erect, straight, 85–130 µm long, foot-cells cylindrical, 25–50 × 7–9 µm, followed by 1–3 cells; conidia singly 7-19 x 30–53 µm.

host plants

Papaveraceae, monophagous

Eschscholzia californica.


Bolay, Clerc, Braun, ao (2021a), Pastirčáková, Jankovics, Komárom, ao (2016a).

Last modified 30.xi.2021