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Erysiphe friesei

Erysiphe friesei (Léveillé) Braun & Takamatsu, 2000

on Rhamnus


mycelium amphigenous, thin. Appressoria lobed, generally solitary. Conidia formed solitary, short-elliptic, without fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia with 3-8 asci, that contain 3-5 spores. Appendage 5-12, equatorial, 1-2 x the diameter; they extend horizontally and straightly, are hyaline or brown at the base only, 0-1 septate. Apices 3-5 times dichotomously forked in quick succession.

host plants

Rhamnaceae, monophagous

Rhamnus cathartica, saxatilis.


Microsphaera friesei Léveillé, 1851.


Ampelomyces quisqualis.


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