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Erysiphe galegae

Erysiphe galegae Braun, 2012

Fungi, Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes, Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae

on Galega


mycelium amphigenous. Appressoria not very numerous, nipple-shaped to moderately lobed. Conidia solitary, short-elliptic, without fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia with 3-9 asci, that contain 3-4 spores. Appendages 6-20, equatorial or somewhat above, 3-6 x the diameter; gradually curved, largely hyaline, simple, with 0-3 septa near the base.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Galega officinalis, orientalis.


Braun & Cook (2012a), Klenke & Scholler (2015a).


Last modified 17.vii.2017