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Golovinomyces cucurbitacearum

Golovinomyces cucurbitacearum (Zheng & Chen) Vakalounakis & Klironomou, 2001

on Cucurbitaceae


mycelium amphigenous, white. Appressoria nipple-shaped, often indistinct. Conidia in short chains, without fibrosin bodies, ± ovoid. Foot-cell of the conidiophore straight. Cleistothecia are only rarely found. They contain 5-15 asci with 2 spores. Appendages numerous, on and below the equator, 0.5-2 x the diameter; they are mycelioid, brown, mostly unbranched.

host plants

Cucurbitaceae, oligophagous:

Benincasa; Bryonia; Citrullus; Cucumis; Cucurbita; Ecballium; Echinocystis; Lagenaria siceraria; Luffa; Momordica; Sicyos angulatus; Thladiantha dubia.


Strongly resembles G. orontii, that may occur on the same host plant; however, in that species the foot-cell of the conidiophore often is bent.


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