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Golovinomyces sonchicola

Golovinomyces sonchicola Braun & Cook, 2009

on Sonchus

Golovinomyces sonchicola on Sonchus oleracea

Sonchus oleraceus, Nieuwendam

Golovinomyces sonchicola: appresoriumGolovinomyces sonchicola: appresorium

hyphae with appressoria

Golovinomyces sonchicola: conidia


Golovinomyces sonchicola

conidia chain

Golovinomyces sonchicola

germinating conidia


amphigenous white fungal bloom. Appressoria nipple-shaped or indistinctly lobed. Conidia oval, without fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia 80-130 µm, containing 6-15 asci, each with 2 spores. Appendages numerous, on and below the equator, 0.3 – 3 x diameter; they are mycelioid, rarely branched, septate, brown.

host plants

Asteraceae, monofaag

Sonchus arvensis & subsp. uliginosus, asper & subsp. glaucescens, congestus, maritimus, oleraceus, palustris, tenerrimus.


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