Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Leveillula elaeagni

Leveillula elaeagni (Jaczewicz) Simonyan & Heluta, 1987

Fungi, Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes, Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae

on Elaeagnus


mycelium amphigenous, forming yellowish, greyish or white patches; mycelium also internal. Conidiophores long and thin. Two types of conidia. The first conidium formed is broadly-lanceolate, with a striking narrowing at the base; later ones are elliptic. Cleistothecia with a large number of asci, each with two spores. Appendages numerous, sub-equatorial, shorter than de diameter; they are simple or irregularly branched, generally hyaline.


Elaeagnaceae, monophagous

Elaeagnus angustifolia.


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