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leafminers, galls and fungi

Leveillula geraniacearum

Leveillula geraniacearum Braun, 2012

Fungi, Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes, Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae

on Geranium


mycelium internal and external; the external mycelium hypophyllous, dense, white, persistent. Conidia solitary, in two types. The first conidium formed is obtuse-lanceolate; later ones are elliptic. Cleistothecia with a large number of asci, each with two spores. Appendages numerous, sub-equatorial, shorter than de diameter; they are mycelioid, simple or once irregularly branched.


Geraniaceae, monophagous

Geranium lucidum, macrorrhizum, pratense, tuberosum.


Braun & Cook (2012a), Klenke & Scholler (2015a).


Last modified 17.vii.2017