Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Leveillula lactucarum

Leveillula lactucarum (Durrieu & Rostam, 1984


Chondrilla, Lactuca


mycelium white, generally dense, felt-like, amphigenous, persistent; partly internal. Conidia single. The first conidium formed is lanceolate-cylindrical, later ones are elliptic. Conidiophores long and thin. Cleistothecia contain up to 14-40 asci, that have two spores. Appendages mostly numerous, mycelioid, attached below the equator, shorter than the diameter, sometimes hardly branched, in other cases stronger branching, even coralloid.

host plants

broadly polyphagous

Chondrilla ambigua, juncea; Lactuca orientalis, tatarica, viminea.

Braun (1995a) lists several more plant genera, but that is repealed by Braun & Cook (2012a).


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