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Leveillula oxalidicola

Leveillula oxalidicola Liu & Braun, 2012

on Oxalis


mycelium internal and external; external mycelium mainly hypophyllous, white, persistent. Appressoria nipple-shaped to coralloid. Conidiophores, long, thin. Conidia formed single, in two forms. The first conidium formed is lanceolate, later ones are long-elliptic. Cleistothecia contain 6-30 asci, that have two spores. Appendages 10-20, sub-equatorial, 0.2-1z the diameter; they are mycelioid, irregularly branched, mostly aseptate.


Oxalidaceae, monophagous

Oxalis acetosella, corniculata, pes-caprae.


Braun & Cook (2012a), Klenke & Scholler (2015a).


Last modified 17.vii.2017