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Phyllactinia corni

Phyllactinia corni Shin & Park, 2012


Phyllactinia corni: cleistothecium on Cornus mas

Cornus mas, Nieuwendam: cleistothecium

Phyllactinia corni: cleistothecium

microscopical image

Phyllactinia corni: appendage

base of an appendage

Phyllactinia corni: penicillate cells

on top of the cleistothecium lies a cap of cells with long filaments


mycelium hypophyllous, weak, effuse (also internal). Conidia single, clavate, without fibrosin bodies, on a long conidiophore. Cleistothecia hypophyllous, with 10-20 asci, containing 2 spores. About 5-15 appendages in an equatorial circle; they are acicular, 1-2 x the diameter, rather deeply forked, abruptly and strongly swollen at their base.

host plants

Cornaceae, monophagous

Cornus alba, mas, sanguinea & subsp. australis, sericea.


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