Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Phyllactinia enkianthi

Phyllactinia enkianthi Zhao, 1985

on Rhododendron


mycelium both internal and external; external mycelium hypophyllous, thin, inconspicuous, initially round patches, finally covering the entire leaf. Appressoria nipple-shaped, hooked, branching or coarsely lobed, solitary or paired. Conidia single, clavate, without fibrosin bodies. Conidiophores thin and very long (up to 550 ┬Ám). Cleistothecia hypophyllous with an equatorial circle of 8-17 stiff, acicular appendages that are abruptly swollen at their base, 1-1.5 as long as the diameter of the cleistothecium. Asci 6-12 with generally two spores.

host plants

Ericaceae, monophagous

Rhododendron mucronatum, ponticum


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Last modified 2.xii.2021