Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Phyllactinia roboris

Phyllactinia roboris (Gachet) Blumer, 1933

Fungi, Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes, Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae

onCastanea, Quercus


mycelium hypophyllous, inconspicuous, evanescent. Conidia single, clavate, without fibrosin bodies. Conidiophores erect, filiform. Cleistothecia hypophyllous with an equatorial circle of 4-18 stiff, acicular appendages that are abruptly swollen at their base, their length is variable, but never longer than then the diameter of the cleistothecium; their tips are sub-obtuse. Asci 15-40, 2-spored.


Fagaceae, oligophagous

Castanea crenata, mollissima; Quercus macranthera, petraea, pubescens, pyrenaica, robur, rubra.


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