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Podosphaera balsaminae

Podosphaera balsaminae (Wallroth) Braun & Takamatsu, 2000

on Impatiens


mycelium amphigenous, mostly epiphyllous, thin. Appressoria indistinct to ± nipple-shaped, single. Conidia formed in chains, with fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia containing a single ascus with (6-)8 spores. Appendages numerous, sub-equatorial, 0.5-5 x the diameter; they are rather coarse and straight, only rarely branched, brown, septate.

host plants

Balsaminaceae, narrowly monophagous

Impatiens ca[ensis, noli-tangere

Podosphaera’s on other Impatiens species are more closely related with P. xanthii (Braun & Cook).


Sphaerotheca balsaminae (Wallroth) Junell, 1966.


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