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Lachnellula willkommii

Lachnellula willkommii (Hartig) Dennis, 1962

european larch canker

on Larix, etc.

Lachnellula willkommii: apothecia on Larix decidua

Larix decidua, Slovakia, Cervená Skala © Andrej Kunca, National Forest Centre – Slovakia, apothecia


Canker spots, up to 40 cm large, sometimes with resin flow. The white-rimmedand white-hairy apothecia are very conspicuous. Ascopsores 9-10 x 21-24 µm.

host plants

Pinaceae, olihgophagous

Larix decidua; Pseudotsuga.


Dasyscypha willkommii (Hartig) Rehm, 1881; Trichoscyphella willkommii (Hartig) Boudier, 1907


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