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Botrytis fabae

Botrytis fabae Sardiña, 1929

on Lathyrus, Vicia

Botrytis fabae on Vicia faba

Vicia faba © Loubna Belqadi, agrobiodiversity

Botrytis fabae on Vicia faba

Vicia faba, from Unamuno (1943a): conidiophore wih conidia; at right conidia at higher magnification


red brown tot dark brown leaf spots. The fungus forms a brown stroma on the leaves, from which arise cylindrical, to more than 0.2 mm long, apically branching conidiophores. Conidia ± ovoid, unicellular, 11-18 x 15-24 µm; conidia mass light chestnut brown.


Fabaceae, oligophaglous

Lathyrus; Vicia faba.


causer of the “chocolate spot disease”.


Brandenburger (1985a: 295), Unamuno (1943a).

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