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Allantophomopsiella pseudotsugae

Allantophomopsiella pseudotsugae (Wilson) Crous, 2014

on Abies, etc.


Black, op to 1 mm wide apothecia in cankerous spots on the bark, also on the needles. Aaci 8-12 x 80-135 µm, spores 3-6 x 10-18 µm, mostly aseptate. Im pycnidia also 2-3 x 5-9 µm sized conidia are formed.

host plants

Pinaceae, oligophagous

Abies; Cedrus; Larix; Picea; Pseudotsuga; Tsuga.


Phacidiopycnis pseudotsugae (Wilson) Hahn, 1957; Potebniamyces coniferarum (Hahn) Smerlis, 1962.


Brandenburger (1985a: 13).

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