Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi


The fungi of this genus live, most of the time endophytically, in grasses. By their production of alkaloids they make the pant unpalatable for grazers, in this way contributing to the survival of their host. In the sexual phase a conspicuous, yellow to white stroma is formed in the form of a tube surrounded the culm.
The larvae of Botanophila latifrons, phrenione and some related species live on the stroma. At the other hand, sexual reproduction of the fungus usually requires a visit by Botanophila, which serves to “pollinate” the fungus with spermatia of the opposite mating type (Górzyńska, Lembicz, Olszanowski & Leuchtmann (2011a), Leuchtmann, 2007a; Leuchtmann & Michelsen, 2015a).

Last modified 4.ix.2022