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Epichloe typhina

Epichloe typhina (Persoon) Tulasne, 1865

on grasses

Epichloe typhina infestation

Dactylis glomerata, Denekamp, lg Singraven


One or more internodes all round and mostly over their total length, wrapped in a while, later yellowish fungal mass (stroma). The internodes are hardly or not at all swollen. In the stroma slender asci. The spores, while yet in the asci, are 150-200 µm long and up to 9-septate.

host plants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Anthoxanthum odoratum; Brachypodium ? phoenicoides, ? pinnatum; Dactylis glomerata; Deschampsia cespitosa; Helictochloa adsurgens, pratensis; Lolium perenne; Phleum nodosum, pratense; Piptatherum virescens; Poa nemoralis, pratensis, stiriaca, trivialis.

A reference to Ammocalamagrostis baltica by Scholler, Reinhard & Schubert (1996a) needs further study.


Only rather recently it has appeared that the classical “Epichloe typhina” actually consisted of a group of mostly strictly monophagous, species. The host plants mentioned for this species therefore often will refer actually to different species. It is not yet quite clear what the host plants are of “E.typhina sensu stricto“.


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