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Neonectria coccinea

Neonectria coccinea (Persoon) Rossman & Samuels, 1999


Groups of red, warty, up to 0.5 mm sized ascomata on a stroma that burst through the epidermis. Asci 7-10 x 75-100 µm, 8 spores, 5-6 x 12 15 µm.

host plants


Acer; Alnus; Carpinus; Castanea; Cornus; Corylus; Fagus sylvatica; Fraxinus; Laburnum; Morus; Populus; Quercus; Ribes; Tilia; Ulmus.

In the narrow concept of this species by Hirooka ao does the species live exclusively on Fagus.


Nectria coccinea.


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