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Pseudonectria buxi

Pseudonectria buxi (de Candolle) Seifert, Gräfenhan & Schroers, 2011

Volutaria disease

on Buxus


Branch cankers; above the cankers leaves dies off; perithecia setose ± 0.2 mm, ascsporea hyaline, 3-5 x 11-17 µm. At the undersides of dying leaves pink, woolly perithecia are formed, conidia 3-4 x 10-11 µm.

host plants

Buxaceae, monophagous

Buxus sempervirens.


Pseudonectria rouseliana (Montagne) Clements & Shear, 1931; Volutella buxi (de Candiolle) Berkeley, 1860; V. rouseliana (de Candolle) Berkeley, 1850.


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