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Thyronectria rosellinii

Thyronectria rosellinii (Carestia) Jaklitssch & Voglmayr, 2014

on Abies


Groups of red, warty, up to 0.5 mm sized ascomata on a stroma that burst through the epidermis. Asci 6-13 x 49-104 µm, 8 spores, 2-3 x 30-45 µm, 8-31-septate.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Abies alba, balsamea, concolor.


Pleonectria rosellinii (Carestia) Hirooka, Rossman & Chaverri, 2012.


Hirooka, Rossman, Samuels, ao (2012a).

Last modified 16.viii.2022