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Dematophora necatrix

Dematophora necatrix Hartig, 1883

dematophora root rot


Film over the roots, causing white rot. Here strommata,with a thick brown mantle with numerous black, globular, more than a mm large fruiting bodies (sometimes stalked) that open at the top with a papilla. Asci 8-12 x 250-400 µm, spores 5-9 x 30-50 µm. Also tough, brown rods are formed out of mycelium, almost 2 mm long, the fan out at their top, budding off conidia, 2-3 x 3-8 µm.

host plants


Acer; Begonia; Beta; Castanea; Citrus; Coprosma; Cucumis melo; Cyclamen; Cynara; Daucus; Fagus; Ficus; Fragaria; Iris; Jasminum; Juglans; Lavandula; Ligustrum; Malus sylvestris; Medicago; Morus; Narcissus; Olea; Paeonia; Pistacia; Pisum; Pittosporum; Platanus orientalis; Populus nigra; Prunus persica; Pyracantha; Pyrus communis; Quercus ilex; Rhamnus; Ribes; Rosa; Rubus; Scabiosa; Solanum; Syringa; Tritonia; Tulipa; Ulmus; Vicia; Viola; Vitis; Zantedeschia.


Rosellinia necatrix Berlese, 1904.


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