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Cryptostroma corticale

Cryptostroma corticale (Ellis & Everhart) Gregory & Waller, 1952

sooty bark disease of sycamore

on Acer, etc.


After an infection by way of a wound the fungus may live for a long time in the xylem, without causing apparent damage. However, in periods of drought stress an extensive stroma is formed below the bark, in which a thick layer of conidia is produced; after several years the tree is killed. The conidia are dark brown, short-oval, smooth, aseptate, 4 x 5-12 ┬Ám.

host plants

Sapindaceae, etc., limited polyphagous

Acer campestre, platanoides, pseupdplatanus.

Mainly on A. pseudoplatanus; rarely also on Betula and Tilia.


Coniosporium corticale Ellis & Everhart, 1869.


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