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Microbotryum stellariae

Microbotryum stellariae (Sowerby) Deml & Oberwinkler, 1982

on Caryophyllaceae, Alsinoideae

Microbotryum stellariae on Stellaria holostea

Stellaria holostea, Gasteren © Ben van As: note the yellowish discolouration of the infested shoot

Microbotryum stellariae: anther smut on Myoson aquaticum

Myosoton aquaticum, Houthem-St. Gerlach

Microbotryum stellariae spores

spores (ø 5-8 µm)

Microbotryum stellariae:  galled flower of Stellaria spec.

Stellaria spec., Belgium, prov. Limburg, Ham, de Rammelaars © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Microbotryum stellariae: spores

Stellaria spec., Belgium, Antwerp, Laakdal,de Roost © Carina Van Steenwinkel


Infected plants are somewhat yellowish in colour and grow more densely; the infection clearly is systemic (pers. comm. Ben van As).

host plants

Caryophyllaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Arenaria biflora, ciliata, moehringioides, tenella; Cerastium arvense; Moehringia lateriflora; Myosoton aquaticum; Stellaria alsine, calycantha, graminea, holostea, longifolia, media, palustris.


Ustilago stellariae (Sowerby) Liro, 1924


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