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Coleosporium cerinthes

Coleosporium cerinthes Schröter, 1887

on Pinus?



spermogonia, aecia

not known; probably:


on Cerinthe


the teliospsores are arranged like basalt columns, on top covered by a layer of a waxy substance. Initially they are one-celled, but in the end meiosis takes place, resulting in a chain of four haploid cells. Each one germinates under formation of a sterigma, on top of which eventually a spore will be formed (Mims & Richardson).

The uredinia and telia of Coleosporium species morphologically are indistinguishable. For pictures see for instance C. melampyri and C. tussilaginis.

uredinia, telia

Boraginaceae, monophagpous

Cerinthe minor.


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