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Melampsora laricis-populina

Melampsora laricis-populina Klebahn, 1902

on Larix


see Caeoma laricis.

spermogonia, aecia

Pinaceae, monophagous

Larix decidua, kaempferi, sibirica.

on Populus

Melampsora laricis-populina on Populus x canadensis

Populus x canadensis, Belgium pov. East Flanders, banks of the Dender, 15.viii.2021 © Paul Fontaine; upper side of an infected leaf; the epiphyllous telia are recognisable as tiny brown spots


underside of the leaf with uredinia

Melampsora laricis-populina on Populus x canadensis

all trees as seriously affected

Melampsora laricis-populina: heavy infestation of  Populus x canadensis

Populus x canadensis, Nieuwendam, 21.viii.2012: heavily infested tree, with healthy poplars in the background

Melampsora laricis-populina on Populus x canadensis

infested shoot

Melampsora laricis-populina: urediniospore


Melampsora laricis-populina: paraphyse of uredinium

characteristically, the paraphyses of the uredinium have an extremely thick top wall

Melampsora laricis-populina on Populus x canadensis

Populus x canadensis, Harderbos, 5.ix.2017 © Hans Jonkman: upperside op the leaf with yellow uredinia and brown telia

Melampsora laricis-populina on Populus x canadensis

underside of the same leaf, with only uredinia

Melampsora laricis-populina: telia

telia under the stereo microscope

Melampsora laricis-populina: urediniospores

urediniosporen, at the top with thickened, spineless wall

Melampsora laricis-populina: uredinia on Populus balsamifera

Populus balsamifera, Zwanenwater: uredinia at the underside of the leaf

Melampsora laricis-populina: uredinium on Populus balsamifera

a singe, freshly erupted, uredinium

Melampsora laricis-populina: telia


Melampsora laricis-populina: telium (section)

Populus carolinensis, from González-Fragoso (1925a): telium (section)


uredinia mainly hypophyllous, 1 mm, yellow, without a peridium, with club-shaped paraphyses that apically are very thick-walled. The corresponding upperside of the leaf has angular yellow spots, delimited by the leaf venation. Urediniospores finely echinulate, apex smooth. Telia epiphyllous, subepidermal, dark brown, spores here positioned like basalt columns, thin-walled, also apically.

uredinia, telia

Salicaceae, monophagous

Populus balsamifera, x berolinensis, x canadensis, carolinensis, deltoides & var. occidentalis, laurifolia, nigra & var. italica, simonii, trichocarpa.


Most authors write “larici-populina”, but the Index Fungorum (2013) “laricis-populina”.


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