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Melampsora liniperda

Melampsora liniperda (Körnicke) Palm, 1910

on Linum

Melampsora lini: uredinium

Linum maritimum, from González-Fragoso (1925a): margin of an uredinium, with paraphyses

Melampsora lini: telium

telium, section


no host alternation. Spermogonia amphigenous, yellow. Aecia likewise amphigenous, around the spermogonia, yellow, up to 0.5 mm, without a peridium. Uredinia amphigenous, for a short wile covered by an evanescent peridium, yellow with clavate paraphyses. Telia amphigenous, subepidermal or subcuticular, brown to black crusts, consisting of a single layer of columnar spores.

host plants

Linaceae, monophagous

Linum austriacum & subsp. collinum, bienne, corymbulosum, extraaxillare, hirsutum, maritimum, mucronatum, narbonense, nervosum, nodiflorum, perenne, pubescens, strictum, tenue, tenuifolium, trigynum, usitatissimum, viscosum.


Gäumann presents arguments why Melampsora lini, only on fairy flax, and liniperda, on all other Linum species, should be taken as two valid species; his reasoning is accepted by Klenke & Scholler. However, many modern authors unite both under the name lini. Incomprehensible, and possibly simply erroneous is the position of the Index Fungorum (2016), that also unites the two species mentioned under lini, but also acepts as valid two more species: lini-cathartici Kuprevič, 1957 and lini-usitatissimi Kuprevič, 1957.


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