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Melampsora repentis

Melampsora repentis Plowright, 1891



spermogonia under the stomata. Aecia on yellow spots, without a peridium, pulvinate, often in circles, orange, 1-2 mm.

spermogonia, aecia

Orchidaceae, oligophagpous

Anacamptis morio; Dactylorhiza incarnata, maculata, majalis, sambucina; Epipactis helleborine; Gymnadenia conopsea; Neotinea ustulata;
Neottia ovata; Ophrys insectifera, sphegodes; Orchis mascula, militaris, purpurea; Platanthera bifolia, chlorantha; Pseudorchis albida.

on Salix

Melampsora repentis: uredinia on Salix repens

Salix repens, Katwijk © Koen van Zoest


uredinia bright yellow, small but numerous, hypophyllous, causing yellow spots at the upperside. Paraphyses with thin stem and a well-differentiated head; the cell wall apically not strongly thickened. Urediniospores 14-18 x 16-20 µm, echinulate-spinulose. Telia usually hypophyllous, sub-epidermal, brownish; teliospores prismatic.

uredinia, telia

Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix repens & subsp. rosmarinifolia.


conceived by some authors as component of one complex species with aecia on a wide range of hosts, and uredinia and telia on Salix: Melampsora epitea.


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