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Milesina dieteliana

Milesina dieteliana (Sydow & Sydow) Magnus, 1909

on Abies

spermogonia, aecia

see under the genus Milesina.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Abies alba, cephalonica, concolor, nordmanniana, pinsapo.

on Polypodium

Milesina dieteliana: uredinia on Polypodium

Polypodium spec., England, South Hampshire, VC11: uredinia © Malcolm Storey, bioimages

Milesina dieteliana: uredinia

the spores are squeezed out in a filament; this happens almost the whole year, when the weahter is sufficiently moist.

Milesina dieteliana: urediniospores


Milesina dieteliana: uredinium (section)

Polypodium vulgare, from González-Fragoso (1925a): section through part of an uredinium: te upper cell layer is the epidermis of the host plant; the layer below is the wall of the uredinium: the peridium


uredinia as small, hypophyllous pustules, covered by a discoloured epidermis that leaves a central pore open. Urediniospores club-like, wall with scattered, weak spinulation. Telia on extensive brown areas on overwintered fronds; teliospores intracellular in the epidermis, forming multicellular complexes.

uredinia, telia

Polypodiaceae, monophagous

Polypodium cambricum, interjectum, x mantoniae, vulgare.

Henderson (2000a) erroneously cites Dryopteris affinis, borreri, carthusiana, dilatata, filix-mas, but that is corrected in 2004.


Milesia polypodii White, 1877-1878.


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