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Melampsoridium betulinum

Melampsoridium betulinum (Persoon) Klebahn, 1899

on Larix


spermogonia pale yellow, amphigenous. Aecia hypophyllous, mostly in two rows; fresh peridium orange, up to 0.5 mm high; spores densely and finely verrucose, but with a smooth and thin-walled spot.

spermogonia, aecia

Pinaceae, monophagous

Larix decidua, gmelinii, kaempferi, laricina, potaninii, sibirica.

on Alnus, Betula

Melampsoridium betulinum on Betula pubescens

Betula pubescens, Huijbergen, Staartsche Duinen: uredinia

Melampsoridium betulinum: uredinia on Alus glutinosa

Alnus glutinosa, Nieuwendam: the uredinia are closed except for a central pore, through which the spores are squeezed out in a thread

Melampsoridium betulinum on Alnus glutinosa: urediniospore


Melampsoridium betulinum: urediniospore

Alnus glutinosa, Zeewolde, Harderbos, leg. Hans Jonkman: empty urediniospore

Melampsoridium betulinum: urediniospore

optical section

Melampsoridium betulinum on Betula pubescens: urediniospore

Betula pendula, Nunspeet: urediniospore

p>Melampsoridium betulinum: uredinium, telium

Betula pendula, uit González-Fragoso (1925a): section through a telium, bordering at an uredinium to the right


uredinia finely spinulose, but with a smooth tip. Telia hypophyllous, extensive, orange when fresh; the spores are formed intercellularly, below the epidermis.

uredinia, telia

Betulaceae, oligophagous

Alnus cordata, glutinosa, incana, pendula, viridis; Betula humilis, nana, occidentalis, ovalifolia, papyrifera, pendula, pubescens & var. glabrata + tortuosa, pumila, utilis & var. jacquemontii

Mainly on birch.

Hyperparasite of the uredinia

Ramularia uredinis


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