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Naohidemyces vacciniorum

Naohidemyces vacciniorum (Schröter) Spooner, 1999

on Tsuga


spermogonia and aecia known only from North America.

spermogonia, aecia

Pinaceae, monophagous

Tsuga canadensis, caroliniana.

on Vaccinium

Naohidemyces vacciniorum on Vaccinium uliginosum

Vaccinium vitis-idaea, Amstelveen, Thijssepark © Miriam Langeveld

Naohidemyces vacciniorum on Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Vaccinium vitis-idaea, Amstelveen, Thijssepark

Naohidemyces vacciniorum on Vaccinium vitis-idaea

underside of a single leaf, with many uredinia and the unavoidable Mycodiplosis larvae

Naohidemyces vacciniorum: uredinium

the uredinopsores are expelled via a pore

Naohidemyces vacciniorum: urediniosporeNaohidemyces vacciniorum: urediniospore

a living and a dead urediniospore


uredinia minute, up to 0.2 mm, pustulate, at first long covered by the epidermis, later by an peridium with a centrale pore; spores orange yellow when fresh, 18-31 x 13-21 µm, minutely echinulate. Telia at the underside of fallen leaves, small brown crusts; spores intra-epidermal.

uredinia, telia

Ericaceae, monophagous

Vaccinium cylindraceum, myrtillus, oxycoccos, padifolium, uliginosum, vitis-idaea.


Thekopsora vacciniorum; Pucciniastrum vaccinii Jørstad, 1951.


The mycelium hibernates in the leaves of Vaccinium, making new uredinia in spring; a population therefore can maintain itself without host alternation.


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