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Dicheirinia maderensis

Dicheirinia maderensis Gjaerum, 1982

on Genista


only uredinia and telia (known?). Uredinia amphigenous, dark brown, without paraphyses; urediniospores short-elliptic, brown, echinulate, with 3(4) equatorial spores. Telia amphigenous, brownish black, soon naked, pulverulent, without paraphyses. Teliospores one-celled, oval, (dark) brown, remotely verrose, two together on a common, hyaline, ≥ 45 µm long pedicel. The one-celled pedicel apically bears two small hyaline cells, each on supporting one of the two spores.

host plants

Fabaceae, narrowly monophagous

Genista maderensis (=Telina m.).


for the genus Dicheirinia see de Carvalho jr & Hennen.


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Last modified 10.xi.2021