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Frommeella tormentillae

Frommeëlla tormentillae (Fuckel) Cummins & Hiratsuka, 1983

on Potentilla

Frommeella tormentillae

Potentilla argentea, Belgium, prov. Namur, Ciergnon: uredinia; leg. J.-M. Couvreur, det. Arthur Vanderweyen © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Frommeëlla tormentillae: spores

Potentilla anglica x nepalensis; from Mckenzie & Dingley (1996a): teliospores and urediniospores


no host plant alternation, no aecia. Uredinia epiphyllous, orange, very conspicuous; later in the summer hypophyllous, yellow inconspicuous uredinia are formed. Urediniospores finely spinulose, with 3-4 indistinct pores. The telia hypophyllous, light brown. The teliospores are clublike, with c. 5 smooth, brown cells, each with one germination pore. Pedicel hyaline, persistent, about as long as the spore. The teliospores germinate immediately, enabling several generations in a season.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Potentilla anglica, argentea, aurea subsp. chrysocraspeda, erecta, grandiflora, x mixta, recta, reptans.


Phragmidium tormentillae Fuckel, 1870; Frommea obtusa (Strauss) Arthur, 1917.


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