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Phragmidium candicantium

Phragmidium candicantium (Vleugel) Dietel, 1927

on Rubus

Phragmidium candicantium: urediniospore

from Gäumann (1959a): comparison of the urediniospore of Ph. bulbosum (at left, on Rubus caesius) with one of Ph. candicatium (at rhight, on R. grabowskii)

Phragmidium candicantium: teliospore

Rubus grabowskii, from Gåumann (1959a) teliospore


no alternation of hostplant, only uredinia and telia. Uredinia hypophyllous, small, surrounded by paraphyses; spores 18-21 x 21-26 µm, at most 4 germination pores; wall more remotely spinulose than in the related Ph. bulbosum. Telia hypophyllous, black; spores as in bulbosum but with (5)6-7(8) cells and apically a small hyaline papilla.


Rosaceae, narrowly monophagous

Rubus canescens, constrictus, grabowskii.


Phragmidium rubi var. candicantium Vleugel, 1908.


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